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Course Details - Premier Career Package

Price: £12,995 Inc VAT
Duration: 12 Weeks

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With an ADC approved commercial diver sister company that has over two decades of international contracting experience behind them, the PDA has the benefit of being directly connected to the diving industry. We instinctively know what skills divers need to be successful and through the development of our Premier Career Package our delegates get the opportunity to develop industry essential working skills in a controlled, safe environment, without the normal commercial pressures associated with joining a new dive team.

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The Premier Career Package merges the full offshore HSE approved diver training syllabus with our highly practical subsurface skills based construction and inspection diver training programme. All new skills are immediately transferable to the workplace environment, ensuring that graduates of this course are better prepared than ever to meet the exciting new commercial diving challenges which lie ahead.

Course Overview:

HSE Professional SCUBA
  • Week 1: First Aid @ Work & O2 Provider (Commercial Diving Endorsement)
  • Week 2: HSE Professional SCUBA
  • Week 3: HSE Professional SCUBA, Inspection Diver (Close Inspection)
  • Week 4: HSE Professional SCUBA, Inspection Diver (Data Collection Surveying and Report Writing)
HSE Professional Surface Supplied
  • Week 5: HSE Surface Supplied, Construction Diver (Tools Training)
  • Week 6: HSE Surface Supplied, Construction Diver (Ships Husbandry, Hull Cleaning, Propeller Polishing)
  • Week 7: HSE Surface Supplied
  • Week 8: HSE Surface Supplied, Construction Diver (Tools Training) Inspection Diver (Ships Husbandry, NDT, Videography)
HSE Wet-Bell Top-Up
  • Week 9: HSE Wet-Bell Top-Up Course
Construction Diver
  • Week 10: Construction Diver (Underwater Oxy-Arc Burning and Welding)
  • Week 11: Construction Diver (Subsea Mechanical Lifting and Rigging)
  • Week 12: Construction Diver (Hydratight Subsea Joint Integrity)
Certificates Gained Upon Successful Completion:
  • HSE 1st Aid @ Work & O2 Provider (Commercial Diving Endorsement)
  • HSE Professional SCUBA (Part 4)
  • HSE Surface Supplied (Part 3)
  • HSE Wet-Bell Top-Up (Part 1)  (IMCA Recognised)
  • Construction/Inspection Diver Award
  • RYA Powerboat Level II
  • Kirby Morgan Helmet/Band-mask Technician Training
  • UXO – Detection and Identification Safety Awareness (NEW)
  • Subsea Mechanical Rigging and Lifting
  • Underwater Burning and Welding Competence
  • Subsea Bolt Tensioning Competence
  • Emergency Air Chamber Operator
Your Personal Equipment Package To Take Away:

Superb and highly durable O’Three Drysuit. O’Three Bag. O’Three base layers. Durable two piece foul weather equipment. International rigging handbook, Coveralls and polo shirt. Professional Divers Handbook, by John Bevan. Green River diving Knife. Buoyancy jacket. Hard hat. IMCA divers logbook. Course manuals and carry cag.

Construction/Inspection Diver – Full Course Syllabus:

Subsea Mechanical Rigging and Lifting: (Minimum 6 Units Required)

  • Knots Bends & Splicing
  • Chain Hoists
  • Blocks & Tackles
  • Tirfors
  • Lifting Bags
  • Crane Operations
  • Flanging

Underwater Tools: (Minimum 6 Units Required)

  • Disc Cutter
  • Hull Cleaner
  • Chain Saw
  • Drills
  • Suction Dredge
  • Air Lance
  • Impact Wrenches
  • Air Augers
  • CP 9
  • Breakers

Underwater Burning & Welding Fabricator: (Minimum 2 Units Required)

  • Wet-Stick Welding
  • Steel Rod Burning
  • Oxy-Thermic Burning
  • Oxy-Fuel Burning

Hydratight Subsea Mechanical Joint Integrity

  • Hand Torqueing
  • Hydraulic Torqueing
  • Bolt Tensioning

Inspection Diver: (Minimum 6 Units Required)

  • Underwater Hull Cleaning
  • Visual Inspections
  • Ships Husbandry
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Inspections
  • Corrosion Potential Inspections
  • Underwater Photography
  • Underwater Video
  • Report Compilations

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