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Course Details - Commercial Diver’s Tender

Price: £2,995 inc VAT
Duration: 6 Weeks

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The six weeks long Professional Diver Tenders Course has been developed to provide non-diving personnel with a comprehensive training and assessment based programme, which will allow them to enter the diving industry as a qualified commercial diver’s tender. Recent revisions to the HSE Diving ACOP makes it clear that a five man dive team is the absolute minimum required for normal operations and diver tenders are commonly used to bring the team size up to the required legal standard. However unless the tender is a qualified diver to the level of the operation taking place, then he will have to prove his competence to undertake this role by other means. This course provides the third party training that is required to satisfy proof of competence, using SCUBA, and surface supplied diving equipment to offshore deep water standards.

Included within the syllabus is the Kirby Morgan helmet band-mask maintenance course, which allows qualified diver tenders to conduct daily, weekly and monthly servicing and corrective repairs on Kirby Morgan helmets and band masks.

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Candidates will need to demonstrate practical and theoretical competence on all topside aspects of the current HSE Commercial SCUBA, surface supplied and offshore wet-bell top-up diver training programme. Graduates of this course will receive a certificate of competence from the Professional Diving Academy and a tender’s logbook which will outline the practical experience that was attained during the course. This logbook can then be used to record tending experience gained on future commercial diving projects and any additional training undertaken to support that role. This allows personnel to demonstrate the training/experience relationship required to satisfy the term professional competence in the role of Commercial Divers Tender.

PDA Professional Diver Tender graduates that return to undertake a commercial diving training package within a 3 year period, will be credited by the value of the Professional Tenders Course against that course package.

A brief outline of the course content is provided below:

  • First Aid Work, Emergency O2 Provider & AED Intervention
  • Commercial SCUBA and Surface Supplied Diving Operations
  • Diving Physics and Physiology
  • Decompression Illness and Barotraumas
  • Gas Toxicity
  • Hazards of Diving
  • Diving Equipment Pre-Dive/Post-Dive Checks
  • Plant and Equipment Maintenance
  • Kirby Morgan Helmet and Band-mask Maintenance Course
  • Gas Decanting and Compressor Operations
  • Diver Dressing/Undressing Procedures
  • Lifeline/Umbilical Tending Procedures
  • Diver Launch and Recovery Systems(LARS)
  • Baskets and Wet-Bells
  • Hot-Water Delivery Systems
  • Dynamic Positioned Vessels
  • Surface Decompression Procedures
  • Diving Emergency Response
  • Diving Casualty Management
  • Emergency Air Chamber Operations
  • Diving Legislation and Best Industry Practice
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Plant Operations

Certificate Gained: 

Offshore/Inshore Commercial Diver’s Tender

Kirby Morgan Helmet/Band-Mask Maintenance Certificate

First Aid @ Work, Emergency O2 Provider AED Intervention

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