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Course Details - HSE Surface Supplied (Top-Up) | Prior Competence Route

Price: £4,695 Inc VAT
Duration: 3 weeks

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The HSE Surface Supplied (Top-Up) course was originally designed as an additional Top-Up to the HSE Surface Supplied qualification, and was previously open to those with an approved qualification as specified in the list of approved diving qualifications, in the relevant section; Schedule 1 | Offshore diving.  The Surface Supplied (Top-Up) course is a course to train and assess divers in the use of a wet bell and hot water suits. It assumes prior knowledge and competency gained during the HSE Surface Supplied course.

Divers attending the HSE Surface Supplied (Top-Up) course with an approved qualification caused inconsistency in the training of divers who work offshore. Some divers attending the Surface Supplied (Top-Up) course had received no formal training in the use of surface decompression procedures, LARS Systems and for some, the use of drysuits. Divers that had not come through the HSE competency system had also not been trained or assessed in their knowledge of UK legislation.

As a result, the HSE brought into force the following new entry criteria on the 1st July 2019;

  • HSE Professional SCUBA or an Approved SCUBA qualification as specified in the list of approved diving qualifications, in the relevant section; Schedule 1 | Offshore diving.
  • HSE Surface Supplied qualification **
  • HSE Diving Medical
  • First Aid at Work (UK recognised)
  • Oxygen Administration

** Divers who have an approved Surface Supplied Qualification from overseas or from the UK military, must now attend additional training and assessment prior to moving onto the Surface Supplied (Top-Up) course.

Current: If you are a commercial diver who is looking to work offshore in the UK;

The prior competency HSE Surface Supplied (Top-Up) course is a shortened, HSE, assessment only programme for candidates holding an approved HSE diving qualification who do not currently meet the entry criteria for the HSE Surface Supplied (Top-Up) course.

Candidates will have to demonstrate competence over several key skill areas which are essential for safe underwater deployment as part of a diving team. This training will include all mandatory Surface Supplied competency assessments including training in the use of LARS, Surface Decompression procedures. There will be training and assessment in UK legislation relevant to diving and where necessary in the use of drysuits. Candidates will also have to sit and successfully pass the HSE Surface Supplied Diving, USN Surface Decompression, the UK Legislation and Hazzard Identification and academic exams.

Upon successful completion of the prior competency HSE Surface Supplied (Top-Up)  course candidates will be issued with the following certificates:

  • HSE Surface Supplied
  • HSE Surface Supplied (Top-Up)

Pre Requisites For This Course:

  • Candidates should be 18 years or older. (Candidates under the age of 18 should contact our office staff)
  • HSE Diving Medical
  • Diving certificates approved by our office staff
Equipment Package Provided with this course:

Use of, 5mm Drysuit – Use of, Undersuit – Use of, Fladen Two Piece Flotation Suit – Coveralls and Polo Shirt – Buoyancy Jacket – Hard Hat – IMCA Divers Logbook – Course Manuals and Carry Bag.

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