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Course Details - Kirby Morgan Maintenance and Repair Technician

Price: £645 ex VAT
Duration: Various

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The Professional Diving Academy is pleased to offer Kirby Morgan Maintenance and Repair Technician Courses.

This course is designed to instruct personnel in the correct procedures in servicing all Kirby Morgan Band Masks, Helmet and associated components. It also highlights the limits of the technician and what repairs should only be carried out by dealers or those with specialised training. These courses will cover the maintenance and inspection of fiberglass and stainless steel shells, side blocks, demand valves, yoke/neck clamp assembly’s; Daily, monthly and annual overhaul procedures, Face port testing, weights removal, checklists and recording procedure. It does not include instruction in fiberglass and gel coat repair.

3 Day |Technician Course

Content of course will include:-

  • Helmet and Band Mask Servicing Procedures
  • Maintenance and Repair Logs
  • Kirby Morgan Operational Check Lists A2.1 through A2.6
  • Cleaning and Sanitising
  • EGS Interface Procedures and Configurations
  • Face Port Insert Inspection and Testing
  • Monthly Inspection Procedures
  • Daily Pre/Post Dive Procedures
  • Supervisor Pre-Dive Inspections
  • Supervisor In Water Checks
  • Instructional Guide for the KMDSI Helmet and Band Mask Operator/User course

The 3 day course will cover all Kirby Morgan Products with the exception of the EXO 26BR, KM 47, KM-77, KM Diamond, KM M48, KMAC5 and Superflow 1st and 2nd stages. Candidates wishing to cover training on these additional products will require further training. Please contact us for further details.­­­

Upon completion, each student will receive a certificate issued from Dive Lab, Inc, Florida. The certificate will be valid for a three-year period, returning technicians will receive a certificate valid for 4 year provided they successfully complete the course before their previous certificate has expired. Individuals who have this certificate will be authorised to conduct maintenance and repairs on their own and/or the company or affiliate company’s equipment for which the individual works, as well as equipment belonging to other diving employees of the company as dictated by company policy.

2 Day |Technician Course

This course can be carried out on request from Dive Labs Inc. The course will cover a reduced course schedule, covering less products and will be tailored to the specific requirements of the client. Please contact us for further details.

Training can be delivered as per advertised dates at our excellent facility here in Dunoon, Scotland, or for bespoke courses with 4 or more delegates, externally at a suitable date/training venue stipulated by our client.

All training materials for the duration of the course are supplied by PDA.

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