Commercial Diving Taster Session (27 August 2015)

PDA Commercial Diving Taster Session The Professional Diving Academy has always had a policy of encouraging anyone considering a commercial diving career to visit us for a “Commercial Diving Taster Session.” We give prospective students a tour of our excellent facilities and provide them with an opportunity to undertake an aptitude dive in our bespoke […]

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Offshore Career Package (22 July 2021)

Click Here to View Course Dates Train for your new diving career as an inshore/offshore commercial diver by undertaking our Offshore Career Package. This package provides industry relevant subsurface inspection and tooling experience throughout the training period. Successful graduates will obtain the full range of HSE approved air diving certificates, providing diving opportunities in offshore oil, gas and renewable energy […]

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HSE Professional SCUBA (12 October 2012)

Click Here to View Course Dates The HSE approved Professional Scuba qualification is required by all professionals who wish to extend their work underwater including media personnel, archaeologists, marine biologists, oceanographers and inspection engineers. It is an intensive 4 weeks course undertaken on the completion of the HSE First Aid at Work and Oxygen Provider […]

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HSE Surface Supplied (15 October 2012)

Click Here to View Course Dates This qualification allows divers to operate to a maximum working depth of 50m breathing air or enriched air whilst using surface supplied diving techniques.

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HSE Surface Supplied (Top-Up) (15 October 2012)

Click Here to View Course Dates This IMCA recognised course is the climax of air diver training and can only be undertaken after completion of an HSE recognised surface supplied diving course. The HSE Top-Up certificate is required by divers who want to work on offshore oil and gas and renewable energy diving projects. Hot water suits are worn […]

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HSE Surface Supplied (Top-Up) | Prior Competence Route (28 April 2021)

Click Here to View Course Dates Background: The HSE Surface Supplied (Top-Up) course was originally designed as an additional Top-Up to the HSE Surface Supplied qualification, and was previously open to those with an approved qualification as specified in the list of approved diving qualifications, in the relevant section; Schedule 1 | Offshore diving.  The […]

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HSE Crossover – Experience and Competence Assessment (ECA) (15 October 2012)

Click Here to View Course Dates The ECA course is a shortened HSE assessment programme, suitable for divers who have already been employed within the diving industry.  If you are a commercial diver who has been working consistently but without any formally recognised qualification, or perhaps with a qualification that you wish to enhance, then […]

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