15 October 2012

OTC Houston


Top companies that have a vested interest in the offshore oil and gas industry tend to gather at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas. The annual conference which is held in the Reliant centre and Arena covers a vast floor area of approximately 350,000 square feet. It typically attracts thousands of industry’s brightest and ambitious professionals, who are able to discuss important technical, environmental and skills shortage issues.  Companies travel to Houston from all over the world to see the next generation of technology and innovation in the Oil and Gas industry and to hear and learn from the experiences of other companies within the industry.

The Professional Diving Academy was unique at this event, as the only Commercial Diver Training School in the world that made the commitment to attend the conference. The decision to attend was very well received and reconfirmed PDA’s increasing global status as a true Premier Commercial Diver Training Academy. Important information received at the conference for those currently considering a career in commercial diving, was the news that next year it is predicted that we will again see a sharp increase in offshore diving opportunities.  This is due to vital inspection and maintenance programs which have been subdued over the last few months being restarted, with many requiring a certain degree of catching up also.

This is excellent news indeed, as the new offshore renewable industries also continue to provide fantastic and sustained career opportunities for commercial divers and is a market area that is predicted to expand dramatically over the coming years. Quality commercial diver training has never been so important, which is why the Professional Diving Academy remains a primary choice for anyone considering a career in this industry. The unique SQA construction and inspection diver courses run by the PDA, have been viewed by some as the biggest leap forward in commercial diver training standards in the United Kingdom, since the inception of the initial HSE Commercial Diver Training program.

However we continue to work closely with industry, to enhance ever further the quality and realistic standard of all our available courses. With several new and exciting developments currently in the pipeline for the coming months, the Professional Diving Academy’s credentials for top quality diver training have never been higher.

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