27 August 2015

PDA Introduces Kirby Morgan Technician Training


The Professional Diving Academy is the only commercial diver training school in the UK that is approved to teach the Kirby Morgan Basic Maintenance and Repair Technician Course. This course consist of maintenance and inspection of fiberglass and stainless steel shells, side block and demand valves, yoke/neck clamp assembly and includes daily, monthly and annual overhaul procedures, face port testing, weights removal, checklists and recording procedure. It does not include instruction in fiberglass and gel coat repair.

Upon completion, each student will receive the official KMSDI approved certification, as issued from Dive Lab, Florida, which will be valid for a three-year period. Individuals who have this certificate will be authorised to conduct maintenance and repairs on their own and/or the company or affiliate company’s equipment for which the individual works, as well as equipment belonging to other diving employees of the company as dictated by company policy.
PDA instructors delivering this training have over 25 years diving industry experience and have been trained by Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Incorporated / Dive Lab Incorporated in the USA.

All our technicians are trained to instruct on the following Kirby Morgan equipment:-

Superlite Series SL-17A/B SL-17K, SL-27, SL-17C Helmets; KM-37, KM-47, KM-57, KM-77 KM-97  Helmets; KMB 18/28 Band Masks; EXO 26BR, EXO Non Balanced; KMAC -5. M48 FFM Superflow 1st Stage Regulators

Once qualified, the Technician is authorised and encouraged to teach the KMDSI Operator/User Course using the curriculum and guidelines set-up by KMBDSI and Dive Lab, Inc. The main purpose for this is to expand the knowledge and training within the commercial diving industry using trained persons, thus raising the level of awareness pertaining to the proper use and maintenance of KMDSI Helmets, Band Masks and associated equipment.

Training can be delivered at our excellent facility in Dunoon, Scotland, or externally at a suitable training venue nominated by our client.

All course materials for the duration of the course are supplied by the PDA.

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